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My eyes slid up from Escorts in Reading coy thigh, over the dim fix of pubic hair, over her stomach, over her bosoms, influencing gradually as she shook Escorts in Reading leg, along the slim line of her neck, over the completion of her lips, and to Escorts in Reading eyes, gleaming in the candlelight, two blazes transmitting their warmth upon me, and I sank into her. I saw myself through her eyes, a man never-endingly got between two decisions, either decision generally as agonizing as the other, stuck in the mud of inaction, not able to move or choose, unwilling to settle on the decision to push ahead. 
I squinted my eyes and I was taking a gander at Escorts in Reading once more, seeing her watch me, viewing the considerations in my mind beating behind my eyes, sitting tight for me, and I grinned, feeling the musings drain away, abandoning me with only the inclination seething in my crotch, and I ventured into the room. 
The room turned out to be all of a sudden cool as I saw my garments were no more. I looked down at my bare body and battled the inclination to dismiss, to conceal my bareness from her. I didn't need Escorts in Reading to see me, to see me like this, exposed, crude, terrible. I dismissed my head, humiliated, and let my arms tumble to my side, letting her see me, sitting tight for that astringent sting of refusal. 
I took a gander at the divider, the light playing along its surface, shadows moving, and I moaned. 
"Come here," Reading Escorts said, her voice enthusiastic and dim, sending a chill down my spine. 
I swung to take a gander at her and Reading Escorts was grinning at me, a lively smile, a welcome, and I knew she hadn't rejected me. She had seen me exposed, stripped uncovered, nothing to stow away, and still she allured me to Escorts in Reading. 
"Come here," Reading Escorts said again, and I shuddered, her voice crawling through my body, infiltrating me to my center, and I thought I had never heard anything so wonderful. 
I envisioned lying with her in bed, our stripped bodies squeezed together, Escorts in Reading fingers moving over my skin, her whispers in my ear, sending rushes of delight through my body, amassing in my rooster, beginning to emerge long and hard, from simply her voice. 
I moved towards Escorts in Reading, watching her as her look moved over me, and I halted as my legs touched the foot of the overnight boardinghouse up the length of Escorts in Reading body until our eyes met. The merriment in her eyes drained away gradually, dissolving into desire as she gazed at me, and her leg gradually tumbled to the side. My eyes moved down between Escorts in Reading thighs, looking as she uncovered herself to me, until Reading Escorts was as stripped as me, each of us open before the other, and I moaned, knowing I had never observed anything so lovely. 
I remained before her, offering myself to Escorts in Reading, as she lay before me, open to me, and our eyes bolted, looking each other, peeling endlessly those last layers, until we were only two individuals feeling a similar longing and desire, needing each other with a power ready to devour us both down to our most primal creatures.